LM Vertical Mill

High drying efficiency, Low running cost, Good environmental effect

LM Vertical Mill integrates crushing, drying, grinding, classifying and conveying together, and it is specialized in processing non-metallic minerals, pulverized coal and slag. Its coverage area is reduced by 50% compared with ball mill, and the energy consumption is saved by 30%-40% similarly.

Applications: Cement, coal, power plant desulfurization, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, construction material, ceramics.

MTW Trapezium Mill

Large capacity, Low consumption, Environmental friendly

MTW European Trapezium Mill has a large market share in the grinding industry. Whether bevel gear overall drive, inner automatic thin-oil lubricating system or arc air channel, these proprietary technologies makes machine advanced, humanized and green.

Applications: Cement, coal , power plant desulfurization, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral, construction material, ceramics.

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Little abrasion wear, Long service life

Based on 30 years of development experience of grinding equipment, LM Heavy Industry produced LUM Series Superfine Vertical Roller Grinding Mill to make ultra-fine powder. The grinding roller doesn't contact with millstone usually, which makes abrasion little and service life longer.

Applications: Superfine dry powder of none-metal ores such as calcite, marble, limestone, coarse whiting, talc, barite and dolomite and so on.

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